Friday, June 15, 2007

Custom or Opensource Spreadsheets??

Some of my colleages have asked me about using or obtain new custom spreadsheets in the past. Which raises the question: "Is there a business model for spreadsheets, that is similar to opensource software?". I doubt it, but I am interested to hear opinions from others. Most spreadsheets solve person or departmental data collection and decision support. They don't "scale in value". No one would pay support fees for spreadsheets right?


Friday, June 8, 2007

Forthcoming Paper: CMO and CFO

How would you get the CMO and CFO on the same page? Sounds like a stretch right?

There are secrets, and I will be sharing some of them shortly. Here is the background paragraph on my new paper, the reviewers have it today, but should be available here next week!

Check back.

Linking the Objectives of the CMO to the CFO

using Key Performance Indicators


So you want to hire this hot new CMO, but you want to ensure that his/her performance is linked to the goals of the company, and not just linked to requests for big budget expenditures? What do you do? How do the goals and actions of marketing influence sales results? And how do we ensure that the marketing leadership will fit with and evolve our sales culture and the specifics of our market? What can we measure to get us started? What dangers are there in picking metrics and using them? That is the subject of this series of papers. This paper is part 1 in a series, and is focused on roles, objectives and understanding of marketing metrics as they link the CMO to the CFO.

Cheers, Chris

Welcome to the Launch

Hi all, this blog is forum on defining, using, challenging and questioning the use of Strategy Metrics. Or more long winded, the use of performance management metrics in measuring the success of stategic plans, campaigns, and the like.

So topics will range from Strategy to cause-and-effect linkage, to balanced scorecard design and more. I will have a natural bias to Internet-based companies, Mobile applications, and startup ventures. Just because I find this more interesting.

I welcome questions, comments, links and posts from you -- the readers.