Friday, June 15, 2007

Custom or Opensource Spreadsheets??

Some of my colleages have asked me about using or obtain new custom spreadsheets in the past. Which raises the question: "Is there a business model for spreadsheets, that is similar to opensource software?". I doubt it, but I am interested to hear opinions from others. Most spreadsheets solve person or departmental data collection and decision support. They don't "scale in value". No one would pay support fees for spreadsheets right?


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minnabakka said...

I have spent many hours developing "beautiful" spreadsheets. Once shared with colleagues it quickly breaks down. I definitely think there is a business out there for a way to control innovation in a sheet - kind of like approvals - I have not seen anything yet, but the market is huge. So many companies run signficant parts of their financial analysis through excel.